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Where Time Stands Still by N.S Perkins

Where Time Stands Still by N.S Perkins

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Twenty-six-year-old Wren Lawson knows she will soon forget who she is. With early familial Alzheimer’s disease written in her genes, it’s a fact she’s wrapped her whole life around; to indulge in friends or romance is a risk for everyone around her—one she’s not keen on taking. Throwing herself into her work as a lawyer is the only thing she can do.

Aaron Scott-Perez was happy with his quiet life in Boston, but when a doctor’s mistake leaves his father unable to run his Christmas tree farm, Aaron has no choice but to move back to the small Vermont town he used to call home. He never saw himself managing the business, but since it is so dear to his father, Aaron has given up everything to do it. To get his father the justice he deserves, he hires none other than Wren. She’s emotionally blunted and secretive, but her kindness and competency provide something his family hasn’t felt for a long time: hope. So much so that Aaron starts to think the life he didn’t want might not be so bad when she’s around.

Yet Wren cannot let him in, too haunted by her future.

As the two get closer and the lines become blurred, Wren and Aaron find themselves at a crossroads. But their attraction is unyielding, and together they must decide what risks are worth taking, and if love is better to lose than to never have at all.



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