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Daughter of Darkness series by Allie Cole

Daughter of Darkness series by Allie Cole

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I vowed to avenge my parents, readying myself year after year. And now I'm going to die.

I should have heeded my father's warning when I stumbled upon the Fae warrior, but I froze.

I remember every horror tale recounting the atrocities committed by these monsters, abducting, torturing, and exploiting humans. My survival instinct was screaming loud inside, yet I couldn't move.

His strange crimson gaze fell on me as I contemplated his large double-bladed sword and my last moments on this earth. And just when I thought the last thing I'd ever see would be his deadly stare, his voice resounded in the air, and my heart stopped.

"Where did you get that sword?"


Prince of Bloodshed: Daughter of Darkness Book 2

Daughter of Darkness

  1. Wielder of Shadows

  2. Prince of Bloodshed


Braern is defeated, his rebels destroyed, yet treachery festers in the Fae realm of Lóna as Azran and Elanor are forced apart.

Compelled by fate's cruel hand, Azran crosses the Váyan Sea towards distant Zetrea, leaving General Calen in charge and Elanor trapped in a deathless trance. As he grapples with Elanor’s absence and faces old enemies, the fate of Lóna hangs in the balance.

When Elanor awakens from her encounter with Death, Azran hasn’t been heard from in weeks. Defying reason and authority, Elanor sets out on her own path to solve Azran’s mysterious disappearance, even if it means entangling herself in political games.

Meanwhile, old flames rekindle in Averion between a General and a red-haired captain.

As the weary heroes prepare to face their most nefarious adversary yet, will their unity withstand shifting alliances?

Time erodes all masks, revealing what lurks in shadowed hearts. Reunion and lasting peace seem like distant hopes as deceit lingers behind kind eyes, waiting to strike.

Prince of Bloodshed is book 2 in the Daughter of Darkness series, a Fae Fantasy Romance series. Readers who love slow-burn and angsty enemies-to-lovers will love this series.


Wielder of Shadows is the coming-of-age story of a fiery huntress forced to ally herself with the one being she hates and fears the most. Readers who love slow-burn, angsty enemies-to-lovers stories will love this hypnotizing first installment of the Daughter of Darkness series.



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