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The Gargoyles Captive by Katee Robert

The Gargoyles Captive by Katee Robert

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Grace is a monster hunter who went into her demon deal with eyes wide open. Years ago, her mother made the same choice and was never seen again, and the answers Grace seeks can only be found in the demon realm.


She doesn’t care that she’s auctioned off to a gargoyle. She doesn’t plan to stay with him longer than strictly necessary.


Unfortunately, she didn’t read the small print of her contract.


Every time she tries to escape, Bram catches her and brings her back…to his bed. Where things get heated very quickly in unexpected ways. Grace doesn’t mean to give in, to stop fighting. But the moment she does, she starts to forget what brought her to this place and what her goals are. After a life starved of pleasure, she’s all willing to let Bram seduce her again and again…

At least until the past comes calling.

Author's Note: For all tropes, tags, and CWs, please check the author website.



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