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Sun Crossed by Elizabeth Briggs (Zodiac Wolves Book 3)

Sun Crossed by Elizabeth Briggs (Zodiac Wolves Book 3)

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My true mate has fallen—but I will find a way to save him.

I've been kidnapped again, but this time it's by people who claim to be my allies. They're training me to use my powers so I can defeat my enemies and rescue everyone I love. Including my alpha.

Kaden is my true mate, and I won't rest until I get him back—and break the mate bond tying me to the wrong man.

But the secrets surrounding the Zodiac Wolves are even darker than I imagined, and somehow I'm going to have to convince the other packs that everything they believe is a lie.

I'm a Moon Witch. I'm an alpha female. And I'll do whatever it takes to save my pack, my family, my mate.

Sun Crossed is the third book in the scorching hot Zodiac Wolves series.



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