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My Turn by Allison Jones

My Turn by Allison Jones

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The epitome of success, gorgeous Nina Bryant has everything under control or at least that is what she wants everyone to believe. Appearances can be deceiving. Her MO is to run but running isn’t an option when mistakes in her life start to catch up with her. She comes face-to-face with the main ingredient of a past hurt, in the package of the sexiest, most frustratingly charming man she’s ever known, Harrison McCall. To complicate the situation, her best friend, Addie Snyder is marrying his best friend, Jameson Ford. How bad could it be? There are a few challenges along the way that include a surprise spouse, a drag queen with a gambling problem, among other things. Even with the obstacles facing them, can Nina and Harrison finally get their second chance at love, or will outside entities rip them apart?



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