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Morbidly Yours by Ivy Fairbank - A Steamy Romantic Comedy About Love & Luck

Morbidly Yours by Ivy Fairbank - A Steamy Romantic Comedy About Love & Luck

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Falling for the wrong person?
Bury your feelings.

Callum Flannelly would rather dive into an open grave than take a stranger to dinner and a movie. But he can only inherit the family undertaking business and carry on their legacy under one condition: He must marry before his 35th birthday. So it’s out of the mortuary and into the dating scene.

Lark Thompson would rather get crushed by a falling anvil than live next to a funeral home during her stay in Galway, Ireland. The vivacious American cartoon creator and animator came here to embrace life, not be reminded of losing her husband.

When Lark learns of Callum’s dilemma and aversion to marrying out of necessity rather than love, she agrees to help the introverted mortician. Although sworn off love herself, she is optimistic that Callum can find The One and secure his inheritance.

But as the dating project progresses and their friendship grows, so does a mutual attraction. The more time she spends with serious, sarcastic Callum, the more she dreads finding him a match. And the more disastrous dates he endures, the more trepidation he feels for Lark’s imminent return to the states.

If they think it’s possible to ignore their connection, they’re dead wrong.


Content Note:

Morbidly Yours is an adult contemporary romantic comedy. While optimistic and humorous, the story contains frank and sometimes graphic depiction of caring for the dead in a funeral home, navigating grief after the loss of a spouse, terminal illness, and explicit sexual content between (enthusiastically!) consenting adults. Brief mention of ableism is also present, condemned by the characters, the narrative, and by the author.

If you are sensitive to these themes, please be mindful.



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