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Kally Ash Books (Signed by author) & Bookish Pins

Kally Ash Books (Signed by author) & Bookish Pins

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Little Bird 

It's good to be King...

Bane Rivera: my name is well-known and feared in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles.

There is only one rule that I live by—only one rule that matters—never let a woman get in the way of business.


Then Wren Montana happened.

She barged into my office—into my life—like a beautiful wildfire, demanding something of me I couldn’t ever give her: a pass for her brother’s mistake.

From the moment I saw her, I knew I had to have her. To feel her spirit break under my crushing grip as she gave her very soul to me. Until she was dependent on me like a junkie for their next fix.

But she wasn't like the other women I'd used and discarded. No, my Wren, my Little Bird, she was strong. Every time she told me no, every time she walked away, it only fanned the flames of my need, consuming me…

Causing me to forget my one and only rule.


Little Secrets 

The truth might set you free, but it'll f**k you up before it does.

I shouldn’t have been attracted to her. She was the enemy—the vice detective investigating the deaths of my boss’s dealers—but maybe that was why I was drawn to her.



As haunted as I was.

If I could just get her out of my system then I could put that bullet in her brain. If only I could have one last taste then I could forget about her…


The Warlord 

I’m a pawn in a very dangerous game.

I was kidnapped and sold to one of the most dangerous mafia groups in Ireland - the Mac Tíre Clan.

I’ve been entrusted into the care of a man known simply as The Warlord.

He watches me like a wolf stalking his prey.

He stares like he wants to devour me.

The scary thing is, I think I might want him, too.




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