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Flight Risk by EL Depinto

Flight Risk by EL Depinto

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I left my recently screwed up life in NYC and never looked back, that is, of course until my new boyfriend's sister decided to get married. Ghosts from my past come to haunt me, but I can't let Brooks into this part of me yet, if ever. I don't want to leave him or the sleepy small town I've grown to love, but it might be the only option I have to keep us both safe .

She lit up my life like a million fireflies, but in the wake of Persephone's absence, I am left feeling burnt by her betrayal. She was gone without a trace, without a crumb, and worst of all, without telling me she was leaving. Her lies continue to unravel, forcing me to consider if I ever really knew her at all. I have to choose between my run-away girlfriend and my family, but something is just not adding up and I'm going to figure out what



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