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Bloodshed by Molly Doyle

Bloodshed by Molly Doyle

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We like to believe monsters don’t exist, even in the moonlit streets of a place like Salem, Massachusetts. But they’re very real… and very human. There’s danger lurking around every corner. People are vanishing off the street into thin air, never to be seen again. The masked men have their own secrets. But it isn’t until the night that they all come together when true horror is born.

College student Quinn did not expect her Halloween night to take a dangerous turn. When her masked men swoop in and make her a proposition, she can only promise one night. “By sunrise, it’s over.” But would it be?
Or will the things that go bump in the night claim her entirely?

Bloodshed is a full-length novel focused on the favorite Masked Men, set between popular novellas Scream For Us and Melt for Us. Reading the SFU novella first is optional, as there is a Scream For Us retelling within this book, along with added POV's/backstories & a plot). Please note that the content in Bloodshed is not suitable for all audiences. Readers Discretion is strongly advised.



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