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A Wicked Heart Story - Series by Sara Cate

A Wicked Heart Story - Series by Sara Cate

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A wicked heart story


They call me Dangerous.

Which is fine by me.

I prefer to keep things simple, and I don’t mind being alone.

It’s not like I have a problem getting women.

So when Savannah shows up at my shop, throws herself at me, and then disappears...I don’t think anything of it.

Except she’s not really gone.

Suddenly, she’s the only person standing between me and everything I want.

With the deed to my shop in her grasp, Savannah holds all the power she needs.

This girl could ruin me, but not if I ruin her first.

I protect what’s mine.

I just have to let her get close to me so I can find out what she’s hiding, and that might be the most dangerous thing of all.

Warning: Dangerous features situations that may be triggering to some readers such as domestic violence, abuse, and death. It wouldn’t be a Sara Cate novel without some forbidden romance and intense scenes. Dangerous is the second sexy installment in the Wicked Hearts series, although each of the stories can be read as standalones. Welcome back to Wicked Beach!




She hates me.

And for good reason.

I put her brother away ten years ago. But it’s up to me to keep Wicked Beach safe.

Suddenly, there’s a new dealer on the beach, and getting close to Shelby could get me the answers I need.

But it’s becoming a lot harder to hate her when she’s tearing my walls down.

Because Shelby knows my secret.

I need her, but this girl knows how to put up a fight.

Warning: Defiant deals with issues of child abuse and assault. It is the third installment in the Wicked Hearts series, although each book could be read as a standalone. It wouldn’t be a Sara Cate book without tons of angst and a hate-to-love-him alpha-virgin and a feisty heroine ready to show him the ropes, literally. Welcome back to Wicked Beach!


Don’t touch the rich girls.

Those are the rules.

Sierra is off-limits.

Locals like me can’t have girls like her—pure, rich, and beautiful.

She comes to Wicked Beach every Spring Break, and up until now, I’ve managed to stay away.

But this year, everything’s changed.

Because that doe-eyed girl is all grown up, and she’s not making it easy for me to say no anymore. But my seedy addiction and life of crime has no place in her picture-perfect world.

And Sierra is in more danger than she realizes.

So we make a deal—one week together, but at the end of her vacation she has to leave.

No commitment, no future. No happily-ever-after.

Because if I want to keep her safe, I’m the one she has to run from.

Warning: Delicate deals with the very real issue of coping with and overcoming addiction. In true Sara Cate style, the angst is high and the happy endings don’t come easy. Welcome to Wicked Beach.



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