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To kidnap a princess by Katee Roberts

To kidnap a princess by Katee Roberts

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It's been ten years since the love of Juliette's life sailed away and never looked back. The date they agreed to meet again has long since passed, and Juliette isn't interested in waiting around any longer. So she kidnaps herself! Unfortunately, things start to go wrong immediately...


Maura might have fallen in love with a princess as a teenager, but as an adult she's all too aware of the obstacles between them. She's the most-wanted pirate captain in the kingdom Juliette is princess of. It will never work. But when she receives a distress call from her princess, she doesn't hesitate to ride to the rescue...


But it's not the reunion Juliette wanted. After saving her, Maura is determined to stick her on a ship home. Juliette is having none of it. She's got a secret key to Atlantis...she just doesn't realize the portal will take Maura and her entire ship, too. Whoops.


Author Note: For all tropes, tags, and CWs, please check the author website.



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