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The Shadow Drawn series by R.D. Baker

The Shadow Drawn series by R.D. Baker

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When all hell breaks loose, their one chance for the truth will be their last.

Cora is Fated to marry the next Alpha of her demon clan and become queen. But all the power in the world means nothing if she can’t have who she truly loves most of all—the Alpha’s Draw, Amryn. Even though the clan leaders forbid the relationship between ruler and bodyguard, they still can’t seem to keep themselves apart.

But when angels ambush their clan, calling Cora the Shadow Queen and causing forgotten memories to resurface, she begins to question the hand Fate has dealt her.

No one can be trusted. Nowhere is safe. While Cora and Amryn flee to find answers, they’ll realize the deception stretches further than they could’ve ever imagined. And with cosmic powers on both sides seeking their destruction, their love will either be their salvation…or their doom.

**18+ Dark Fantasy Romance. Warning: This book contains scenes of graphic violence, sex scenes and abuse/assault that some readers may find distressing.**



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