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Of Mischief and Mages by LJ Andrews

Of Mischief and Mages by LJ Andrews

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A mage with deadly magic.
A royal thief fading to a curse.
A forgotten love that will unravel their world.

When Adira’s crook of a boss sends her to a Las Vegas casino as one of his goons, her world turns upside down and she’s tossed through the gates of a strange, dangerous world of Mage courts and curses.

Disoriented and convinced she’s in a twisted afterlife, Adira is overtaken and robbed by a band of highwaymen whose seductive leader stirs something in her soul.

Soon, royal guards rescue her and believe her to be a powerful blood mage, prophesied to protect the kingdom. But while dining with the mage prince, his drunken stepbrother stumbles in, and Adira recognizes him as the thief who ambushed her in the forest.

As their forgotten pasts intertwine, Adira and a thieving prince may be the only ones who can unravel a spreading degeneration of the Mage kingdom, but enemies of old are rising and it will become a battle between spell casters where one wears the crown and the prize for the rest is death.

Author Note: This is a standalone fantasy romance that contains a dark romance with slow-burn morally gray soulmates, forced proximity, epic found family, and spice.



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