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Love me dirty novella by Lillian T. James

Love me dirty novella by Lillian T. James

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**This is a standalone novella within the series. It is recommended, but not required, to read before String Me Along.**

He was many things. A friend, an artist, a lover. But one thing he was not, was monogamous.

He didn’t date. Didn’t believe in tying himself down to only one person to touch and taste for the rest of his life.

But then she walks up to his bar. With pink hair, thick curves, and a sarcastic humor that keeps him on his toes, she sparks something in him.

Making him question…EVERYTHING.

He's the definition of a man she should run from. Dark hair, tattoos, and a smile that instantly has her squeezing her thighs together.

After just leaving a failed relationship, she's not looking to jump into another. But when he invites her home and offers her a deal, she can't help but accept.

Then he gives her a safeword and opens her eyes, and she knows she's in trouble.

Because by the end of the night, she fears she'll want…EVERYTHING.

**Author's Note: If you're looking for a sweet romance with a detailed plot, this isn't it. This is a character-driven, short read with steamy adult content involving specific kinks. See author's website for more details.



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