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Imperfect Series by Mary Frame

Imperfect Series by Mary Frame

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Picture Imperfect

Boy meets girl.
They make a quick deal.
Fake relationship,
And they...don't fall in love.

Wait! What?

The new tight end for the New York Sharks, Brent Crawford, is one of the sexiest men alive. But he needs an image makeover. With allegations of assault, his sponsors are threatening to drop him. He needs a miracle. He needs Gwen McDougall.

Former fashion model and national heroic sweetheart, Gwen immerses herself into photography, wanting to be on the other side of the lens for a change. She wants more from her photography jobs than premeditated shots of B-list celebutantes, and now is her chance. Gwen just has to agree to help Brent shine up his tarnished reputation. Easy Peasy. After all, he's Brent Crawford. It's picture perfect.

But, Brent's not the Crawford brother she wants. Suddenly picture perfect is rather imperfect.

Imperfect Strangers

She’s looking for a forever kind of guy, he might not live to see tomorrow.

Bethany Connell has one goal: keep her cookies in her basket. And by cookies, she means sex. She will not be distracted by a pretty face and a rock-hard body again. This time, she wants a grown-up relationship. Something steady. Something forever.
And then she wakes up in bed with New York City’s sexiest playboy.

For Brent Crawford, only one thing matters: football. Except one more pass, and the game could kill him. Literally. With a lethal heart condition he’s been hiding from everyone, he’s got nothing to offer a woman, between the sheets or anywhere else.
And then he wakes up in bed with a spitfire blonde who needs his all.

So right for each other, Bethany and Brent are convinced now is the wrong time.

But they’re about to find out it’s never too late to heal a broken heart.

Imperfectly Delicious

Scarlett Jackson is anything but perfect. The first time she met famous chef and entrepreneur Guy Chapman, she set him on fire. As a result, she was blacklisted from every restaurant in New York City to the point where she couldn’t get hired at a taco stand. But she didn’t give up. She got busy. Now she’s running her own food truck and things are taking off. Except…through a mixture of impeccable timing and bad luck, she’s parking near Guy’s newest and most ambitious undertaking: Restaurant Row.

For Guy Chapman, everything must be perfect. His businesses, his food, his whole life. He has more on the line than creating a culinary empire. There are people who rely on him, from employees to a sister who requires twenty-four-hour care. So when a plucky baker running an inconvenient food truck throws a wrench into his plans, he can’t let it go.

When things start getting hot in both their kitchens, Guy and Scarlett have to decide what’s more important: winning the block or winning each other’s hearts.



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