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Get In My Swamp by G.M. Fairy

Get In My Swamp by G.M. Fairy

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The three-part best-selling and viral sensation Get In My Swamp is now in one place.


Book 1 Get In My Swamp: When Liona stumbles upon Beck, the ogre's trap, and becomes his prisoner, she's determined to escape. But it doesn't take long for things to start heating up between the two. Beck is trying to protect her, and Liona can't help her body's reaction to the buff green monster. The lines between captive and captor become blurry, and the passion becomes a raging fire neither of them can put out.


Book 2 Stay In My Swamp: Life in the swamp can't get any better for Liona and Beck. That's until Beck pops a big question that forces Liona to face some unfinished business. She heads back to LA but Beck isn't too far behind, this time looking less like an ogre thanks to some help from Winston the Wizard. Will magic be enough for Beck to get Liona to stay in his swamp forever?


Book 3 and Standalone Spellbound Seduction: Winston the Wizard is a master of magic but a stranger to love. He has a full life in the hidden world of the magical community, but lives with a condition that makes it impossible to fully connect. He's content with his life as the manager of Happily Ever Endings, a club for adult enchantments, until he meets Marigold- a young woman who suffers from a similar condition, and she needs his help to take her on a journey to cure her curse. Winston feels an instant connection to her but knows they can never be. Can he resist temptation to keep them both alive? Or will he succumb to his urges and ruin them both?



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