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Chosen by Eve Newton (Silvercrest pack book 1/standalone)

Chosen by Eve Newton (Silvercrest pack book 1/standalone)

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Firstborn Alpha’s son

When the Alpha of the Silvercrest Pack dies, I’m in line to take his place. I don’t want it, but it’s my responsibility, so suck it up, yeah? I’m not happy when I find that with the role comes a Fated Mate that I want nothing to do with. I’m not one to settle down. I like playing the field. I live for it. But when the connection becomes too strong for me to deny, I have a fight on my hands for her affection. Turns out she is as turned off by me as I was with her in the beginning. Innocent, sweet and kind, she is the exact opposite of me and the women I usually hang with. Dark, depraved and sarcastic are words I’d use to describe me. I have no way to connect with her because I don’t understand her. As I struggle to find my way ruling the Pack, along with the confusion of the Fated Mate connection, I find myself lost, alone and spiralling out of control. The only one who can save me, doesn’t want me. How will this end for me?

Read about Ryker and Bree in Chosen: The Silvercrest Pack, Book 1 to find out. This is *slow burn* book 1 of a trilogy of standalone, paranormal romance books. May contain triggering situations.



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